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Books (8)
about books, book sites, book stores, etc.
Chicago (5)
Information produced in, around, about the city.
Columns and Columnists (14)
Columns from newspapers or journals or web columns.
Corruption Cases (28)
Articles and sites about official corruption, whether about police or politicians or others. Such information tends to come from newspapers and may therefore be available for only a short time (like the Ephemera), but I wanted this to be a separate category.
Crime and Punishment (30)
Diverse Amusements (43)
Stuff that's fun, what else?
Ephemera (173)
here today, maybe gone tomorrow, maybe not -- NEWS, current events, other items that tend to expire from other servers within a week or two.
Film (14)
articles and sites on or about movies, movie reviews, etc.
Food (3)
recipes, articles about food, sites about food, all that fun stuff.
Health and Healthcare (15)
Homosexuality and Gay Issues (44)
Journals and Personal Sites (55) new
Online Journals or personal sites
Libraries and Librarians (6)
Sites and information of interest for the profession
Magazines and Zines (12)
Original online creations and online versions of paper magazines.
Miscellany (26)
stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else
New Mexico (3)
Information produced by, around, about, inside New Mexico
Newspapers (6)
Daily and weekly versions of daily and weekly newspapers. You know, the stuff made from bad quality dead wood, gets ink all over your fingers, smells bad ... that type of newspaper.
Politics (31)
Articles and sites about politics, politicians and the process.
Race and Society (30)
Pretty much what it says.
Reference Sources (28)
places to look up facts and stuff. If you can't figure out where I'd put it, look in here.
Sex and Sexuality (13)
general information on the practice of sex, and about sexuality
Weblogs (19)
Writers and Writing (2)
About the arts and craft of writing.

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Pages Updated On: 14-Feb-2002 - 22:30:33
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