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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

things comickal

-- things comickal -- really, dc? REALLY?

Seriously, THIS is the best they could do for the new Justice League's first villain?

DC Universe: The Source: Blog Archive -- Geoff Johns and Jim Lee announce identity of JUSTICE LEAGUE’s first villain

You can click over and see who it is yourself, if you don't mind the spoiler.

For myself, they could scarcely have picked a villain more designed to make me drop the title after the first issue or two. It's much too soon after that character's most recent appearance, even allowing that wasn't in JLA. And that character's defeat was rather ... emphatic.

Mind, it's going to be an interesting exercise in continuity rejiggering. If DC is insisting that everything that we know happened -- albeit sometimes a bit differently than we remembered -- but Batman and the current generation of heroes have been active for only about five years AND Justice League #1 takes place five years in the past ... how exactly can all that possibly work? What will they do? Have Supes and Bats and Wonder Woman thinking, "Wait ... I remember that we did this before. And yet we couldn't have. Someone has messed with my mind!" Seriously, it's going to be interesting to see what they do on that level. (My money is on "serenely ignoring the fact that they said that everything we remember happened, because if they don't ignore that, their heads will explode as they try to wrestle with revised continuity.")

And in conclusion (watch only the first two minutes if you're not interested in Secret Six):

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