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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


-- television -- happiness, with or without coca-cola

An interesting study in how you can rework a tune and repurpose a commercial, I think.

As far as I can tell, the original song was written, and parts of the original video used for, a commercial for Coca Cola. Apparently, they decided that maybe they had something, because the resulting longer video and song are utterly and completely divorced from anything to do with Coke; if you didn't know it was meant for/used in an ad, you couldn't figure it out from this video. And oddly enough, I don't remember seeing or hearing this when it was a commercial.

And now it's getting a reboot in what will undoubtedly be Coke's new holiday-themed commercial. At the moment, it's only the music; no doubt the trippy yet snowy and holiday related visuals are yet to come. Unlike the original, it's not going to feature what must have been a wildly expensive cast of up-and-coming music stars (with the occasional already-there persons scattered in)

YouTube - Train - Shake Up Christmas

I wonder how long they'll be repurposing that music, and how many different ways and in how many different commercials we'll see it.

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