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Friday, September 04, 2009

media and society

-- media and society -- what's the deal about johnston's johnson? (or not, as the case may be)

Would someone please explain this to me? Why do so many people want to see this guy naked? (Or, as it seems, possibly only mostly, but not essentially, naked, if you know what I mean and I think you do.) Because I truly, truly do not quite get it.

Two Nude Mags Vie for Levi's Johnston | Media | and Unzipped both want a piece of Levi Johnston naked -- and according to the manager for Sarah Palin's would-be son-in-law, he's interested.
By Duane Wells
Posted on September 02, 2009 10:02:36 PM

As former Alaska governor and GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin contemplates her post-gubernatorial political future, Levi Johnston, the father of her first grandson, by daughter Bristol, is mulling over offers to pose nude for two magazines with largely (if not almost exclusively) gay readerships.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Tank Jones, Levi’s manager-bodyguard, confirmed to that negotiations were underway with both Unzipped Media and to have Bristol Palin’s baby daddy take it all off for an exclusive photo shoot.

“Naw, that’s serious. Mr. Butler is doing that,” Jones said, referring to Levi’s lawyer, Rex Butler, when asked if such a photo shoot might actually happen.

Rick Andreoli, executive editor of Unzipped Media -- whose owners also own The Advocate -- also confirmed that Unzipped magazine had made an overture to Levi about appearing au naturel in an upcoming issue.

“When Levi was on Bravo saying that he was willing to pose nude if the offer was right, we made an offer to Tank Jones and we’re waiting to hear back on that,” Andreoli said.

The specter of Johnston doing a nude photo spread was raised by behind-the-scenes video from a photo shoot set to accompany a feature titled "Me and Mrs. Palin" in the October 2009 issue of Vanity Fair. In the video Jones and Levi are captured discussing a potential Playgirl pictorial while riding in an SUV.

"I'd do it ... if it would get me out of there," Levi says when Tank initially asks him about posing in the buff....

And Playgirl vs Unzipped is only the tip of the hot throbbing iceberg, as it were. Other gay porn outlets have been offering him money to pose naked, and possibly do a bit more. Mr. Johnston does not, it appears, seem to be taking those offers even remotely seriously. No, it's narrowed down to two -- (1) Playgirl, which, apart from the fact that the magazine portion of the title has died and the online version is perfectly well aware that perhaps 60% or more of its readership is actually gay males, and (2) Unzipped, which is unabashedly all gay! all the time! (but which is perfectly well aware, if you read the articles -- really, there are some! -- that a certain smallish portion of its readership is actually straight women. (The article on strap-on sex from a few months back could only ever have been aimed at women. After all, absent illness or injury, we do come pre-equipped, as it were. But I digress.)

Apart from the issue of whether it's going to be Playgirl or Unzipped -- and, seriously, judging from the admittedly very little I've heard/seen Mr Johnston say in various places, I really do think that Unzipped might be a tad further than he's willing to go, even though they'd be perfectly willing to allow him to protect his manly modesty, as it were -- there's also been a veritable feeding frenzy over the shirtless photos of him changing his kid's diaper. (Scroll to the bottom of the Advocate article for a sample.) Is he a good looking guy? Well, yes, I suppose. Needs some chest hair. But yes, he's perfectly decent looking. Is there perhaps a touch of the schadenfreude in having the baby daddy of Sarah Palin's daughter's child doing something of which former Gov. Palin and her social conservative set would strongly disapprove? Oh, hell, yes! Does all that account for all the unseemly feeding frenzy in wanting more, more, MORE of him? Well ... not really, no.

Sometimes, I just don't understand the gays.

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