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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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Björn Borg Launches Free Dating Site – The aim: everybody should find love

Björn Borg wants everybody to find love for all. In aid of this, the Swedish fashion company launches a free dating service, Love For All, Björn Borg guarantees a virtual date on the site and those who want to can also get in touch in real life.

The Björn Borg matching tool is a reaction to today’s long survey forms, which have become common practice on most dating sites.

– At the Björn Borg dating site, Love For All, we ask questions on what kind of music you like, rather than how you value certain characteristics. We believe that an uncomplicated and straightforward form of Internet dating facilitates more dates and thus a better chance of finding someone, says Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR- and Event Manager at Björn Borg.

The Björn Borg dating tool Love For All is free, and Björn Borg has high aspirations that lots of single people will find love....

The information above aside, I still don't quite get why, of all possible things, he's running a dating site (WARNING: Loud and somewhat annoying Flash video interface) off his web presence. Nonetheless, I think I could just kiss Bjorn Borg.

The below plays when you get to the website (the second link above) and click on the "We're getting married..." invitation:

I can't imagine, say, running an ad like that, especially in a way that seems so ... sweet.

Also from the news release linked above:

...Björn Borg also aims to create peace on earth. The fashion company has sent old underwear from consumers to George W. Bush. The US President was selected recipient after consumers sent in their old underwear and voted on the site to decide who would receive the mountain of underwear.

...OK, now I really could kiss him, silly scruffy beard (if he's still wearing one) and all.

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