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Friday, August 10, 2007


-- television -- flash! aaa ... eh?

Tragically, grievously and most unfortunately ... apparently, SciFi lied to us! They lied! Instead of using the older theme, with all its exuberant cheese, they decided to use some vague, bland instrumental thing.

The pilot is sort of vague and blah for about 90% of its length. The lead actors are playing the material as if they were in Battlestar Galactica, when the writing clearly was aiming for the cheesiness of the 1980 film, or maybe even the earnestness of the original serial. And unfortunately, the only actor with a major role that seems to have had the "Good god, this is incredibly cheesy, so I might as well ham it up" revelation is the guy who plays Zarkov, although a few of the supporting players seem to have gotten a clue. Everyone else is acting their socks off in material that really can't support it. (...Well, OK, except in the first fight scene, which is so desperately absurdist that even they can't take it seriously. It involves a frying pan, a blender that doesn't get used, an electrifying thing, a ray gun that misfires, Flash punching an alien in the helmet with his bare fist, with said alien later dissolving once it gets electrocuted... But then, once the fight is over, they're serious again.) Flash is written to be terribly, terribly stupid, giving away information to people whom he knows -- he knows -- killed someone on earth and attacked his mother (They then torture him decoratively.).

The last 10-15 minutes, though ... It's as though everyone finally got a clue and realized just how cheesy the material is and how to play it. And judging from the upcoming episodes section, apparently there will be scantily clad men everywhere (including, of course, Flash), which is always an encouraging sign.

But still, it really needs a good pair of leather shorts.

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