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Friday, July 13, 2007


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Get The Party Started [IMPORT]
Shirley Bassey
Amazon List Price: $31.98

Every once in a while, you will come across stuff that you never knew you wanted until you come across it, and you suddenly realize You Must Have This. And so it was with this collection. The power of Miss Bassey compelled me!

But first, a musical interlude.

I can only say that this CD careens from "ohmygawd, that was just DEMENTED!" to "ohmygawd, that was EVEN MORE DEMENTED!" to "That was so DEMENTED that I have to have a little lie-down because it gave me the vapors." Uncommon for a remix album, most of the songs are just long enough, and don't go on until you are ready to beat the remixers vigorously about the head and shoulders to just make them stop, because you had enough of that song 25 minutes ago.

Most of the songs are a delight to hear. I will admit that I wasn't horribly fond of "Can I touch you there" or of "I will survive". Not that they're at all bad; the arrangements just didn't appeal. And let's face it; at this late stage, Gloria Gaynor is probably the only person in existence who can do "I will survive" and not sound like a slightly jaded drag queen. In any event, your mileage may vary; as I say, they're not at all bad.

Much to my delight, this CD also includes Miss Bassey's definitive version of "Slave to the Rhythm" (that link goes to quite possibly the e Gayest Video Ever; this musical arrangement of the song is also included on the CD). It also includes her take on Nancy Sinatra's "You only live twice", a somewhat odd song to include, but then, this is a collection of odd songs. (I guess that either they couldn't get clearance, or there was just no real way to update Miss Bassey's version of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", her original theme song for Thunderball, which got jettisoned in favor of the one that made Tom Jones pass out. In any event, you can actually hear her having fun with all the various arrangements on this release, and how often can you say that about a recording? I wish they'd included the Away Team remix of "Where do I begin" and Propellerheads' "History Repeating", just for remix fabulosity completeness, but it's still fun without.I

Questions, comments, descriptions of hot pink and low-cut dresses you've seen on 60-year-olds lately?

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