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Thursday, July 12, 2007


-- television -- i know this much is tru... - Court TV unveils new name Variety; Posted: Wed., Jul. 11, 2007, 8:55am PT

Turner Entertainment Networks is rebranding Court TV as truTV, a moniker reflecting its ongoing conversion to an entertainment network heavy on reality shows and true crime. "This gives us a focused brand and a wide playing field," said Turner prexy Steve Koonin. "We felt the Court TV name was limiting us in defining what we are and what we are delivering."

The name change marks another step in the channel's conversion to an entertainment-focused web targeted at a demo the network refers to as "real engagers," or those interested in true stories, widely defined as news, true crime, reality shows or nonfiction entertainment. Last year the net began branding itself as two distinct schedules, a six-hour legal news block in the morning and a primetime lineup with shows like "Most Shocking," "Forensic Files" and "Haunting Evidence." Change at Court TV accelerated after Time Warner acquired the web in December and integrated it into the Turner stable of entertainment nets including TNT, TBS and TCM...

What I want to know is, as long as they were running it all into one word -- for trademark purposes, since you can't trademark common terms -- couldn't they spare a few extra dollars for an E? As it stands, it looks like it's an all Truman Capote, all the time, network, and who wants that?

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