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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


-- television -- noah's arc, season 2 publicity photos, or: if you got it baby, flaunt it!

Logo is doing some .... INteresting publicity for season 2 of Noah's Arc, which starts August 9.

I will admit that I had my problems with the series last season. In part, that was because of my traditional bugaboo with most gay(ish) shows, where only the young and the beautiful are shown. And, if I'm honest, Noah's Arc does a better job showing a bit of variety in ages, at least, than do most shows with gay characters. (I want some old geezers, dammit! We don't all curl up and die at the ripe old age of 35!) And part of that was due to some misleading early publicity, and their first episode, which led me to expect something more dramatic than comedic. The episode where I was finally able to go, "OK, this is what it is, and it's still something I want to see," was the one where at the end of the episode, the guys spontaneously break out a letter-perfect drag act to support Alex, who was getting cold feet.

But still, the publicity for the new season is ... YOW. (And I'll bet the cast is likely just the teensiest bit uncomfortable with some of it.) The staff of Logo's weblog, "NewNowNext", can be forgiven for a bit of exclamation point abuse.

Eddie (Jonathan Julian) and Chance (Doug Spearman)
Eddie (Jonathan Julian)
and Chance (Doug Spearman) NewNowNext Blog: Noah's Arc News: Hot Exclusive New Pics (And More)!!! NewNowNext Blog: More Noah News: Hot Pics of Wade, Noah - And Introducing Dre!

And for you old Andromeda fans: it just happens that Keith Hamilton Cobb will be playing a regular/recurring role on the show this season. The pictures seem to indicate a somewhat more beefcakey approach to the show. (Or I'm hoping ... yes, I'm shallow. And? Your point being...? OK, then, let's move on.) Thus, perhaps beefcakey photos of Mr Cobb will be forthcoming in this peculiarly late publicity burst.

Speaking of peculiarly late publicity -- the release of the DVD set is really unusually late, for some reason. The set arrives on shelves on August 8, the day before the new season begins. This doesn't actually allow you any time to watch the previous season, if you were someone tittilated by all the beefcake into giving the show a chance. You're just going to have to leap into the new season and hope you can figure things out as they go along. And if you saw it last year and wanted to pick it up to refresh your memory and/or watch the extras and extended episodes or the original pilot ... well, watch very fast. You're going to have just one day to squeeze it all in.

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