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Friday, January 27, 2006

things comickal

-- things comickal -- ultra TV?

My, oh, my.

Eye goes for 'Ultra,' 'Way'
By MICHAEL SCHNEIDER Television; Posted: Wed., Jan. 25, 2006, 6:47pm PT

"Joan Of Arcadia" creator Barbara Hall is back at CBS, which has greenlit a pilot from her based on the comicbook "Ultra." [...] "Ultra," from CBS Paramount Network TV, revolves around a female superhero who must contend with saving the world while pursuing a life as a single girl in the city. In the comicbook, which parodies celeb magazines, Ultra's alter ego, Pearl Penalosa, is a semi-icon who graces billboards advertising popular products.

Hall, whose other credits include "Judging Amy," will exec produce the pilot; David EngelDavid Engel and David AlpertDavid Alpert are co-exec producers....

This could be very very cool. I wonder how they'll cast it?

There's a bit of discussion about it In the Luna Brothers' section of Image Comics' forum, but not a lot of content other than the announcement itself.

I would be willing to bet that, assuming for the sake of argument that they take the comic books as the overall template of the first season -- albeit likely more spread out -- they'll do some radical changes to the content of the last three issues. Actually, I'd guess that the final issue would be almost completely dropped and shoved to the end of the series, but that's only a guess.

Still. Ultra the Series. Very cool. (I hope. And here's hoping that CBS doesn't pull a "Global Frequency" and decide that they don't like it and hide it away.)

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