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Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Good As You: WWE to embrace the 'B' in GLBT

Reports coming from the world of professional wrestling indicate that the WWE is planning to introduce a bisexual love triangle to their body slammin' fun, in a story line that will give wrestler Orlando Jordan (pic.) both a new male and female love interest. Meaning, of course, that when Jordan waivers between whether he should grab his opponent using the "sleeper" or the "choke," you might wanna listen a little more closely to make sure that "pick a hold" is, in fact, what the audience is yelling.

It remains to be seen how the WWE's core audience will react to this development, and it will remain to be seen, as we don't watch pro wrestling.


...No, really, that's all I have to say about it. (OK, I am kind of startled that Orlando Jordan is black, for some reason -- I think because the last time the then-WWF did this, both Billy and Chuck were big buff bleached blonds. But that's about it.)

Seriously, not saying much more about it at all. Those wrestling fans take this stuff seriously. The last time I said anything about the then-WWF making a couple of characters "gay" and getting them married (the wrestlers both balked at the altar, since they weren't gay), eternally devoted wrestling fans came out of the woodwork to rip me up one side and down the other. Many many many comments driving my poor little server to its knees. (Seriously. 320 comments in 12 hours. Would that I could get such passion on anything else.) People, they were sending me viruses, for heaven's sake. I wound up having to pull the entry after 24 hours so they would just leave it alone.

I'm assuming that this will have a denoument similar to the Ambiguously Not Gay Duo's wedding. After all, their core audience, however tittilated they may be by this storyline, is really not going to like it much. They didn't like the other one much, either. That said, the WWE seems to have learned a PR lesson, if nothing else; they're making it very very clear that Orlando Jordan is playing a character, and that this may have nothing to do with his actual life.

So, really. Nothing more to say than "Interesting." And no, there will be no comments enabled for this one, thanks.

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