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Friday, November 18, 2005


-- television -- and there she is! part 3: she's going WHERE, again?

The Miss America pageant does seem to be landing on its feet. Mind, those spike heels are a mite unsteady, but at least they're still on.

ABC News: Miss America Pageant Moving to Las Vegas
The Associated Press/
Nov 17, 2005

After 84 years of crowning beauties on the Boardwalk, the Miss America pageant is moving to the Las Vegas Strip, organizers announced Wednesday. It will be the first time the contest has been staged outside Atlantic City, N.J. The Aladdin hotel-casino will host the pageant, scheduled to air Jan. 21 on cable channel Country Music Television, organizers told The Associated Press.

"What we wanted to do is find a new host city that has all glitz and glamour Miss America is known for," said Art McMaster, chief executive of the Miss America Organization, the nonprofit charitable group that runs the annual event. "Obviously Las Vegas is right at the top of this list." [...] "When I think of Vegas, I think of the showgirl image, and I don't think it's necessarily the environment that Miss America has always touted being," said Miss America 1993 Leanza Cornett.

Villadolid and McMaster insisted that the move to Sin City won't taint Miss America's image. McMaster said he plans to keep contestants too busy to spend time or money in casinos. ...

Right. Too busy to spend time in casinos ... when the pageant will be held in one, and the contestants will be staying in that very casino.

Leaving aside THAT particular issue, you kind of wonder how they're going to manage to finesse things. CMT is certainly a decent match for the overall wholesomeness of Miss America's image, but Vegas? And you'd think that maybe the large numbers of showgirls around -- women who are there because they're gorgeous and glamorous and arguably talented (depending on which shows they're in) would perhaps put Miss America in the shade in a way that didn't happen in Atlantic City. Yes, gambling became a big deal there as well, but Miss America was there before the casinos, and casino glamour never really seemed to rub off on Atlantic City as a whole, somehow.

The times certainly are changing for that hoary old pageant, aren't they?

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