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Thursday, October 13, 2005


-- stage -- why? why? why? ... no, really, WHY?

Seriously, WHY? After all this time has passed? And ... well, this? - OLY - 'Why? Why? Why?' Harding-Kerrigan becomes opera

ARLINGTON, Mass. -- The infamous clubbing that ice skater Nancy Kerrigan took on the knee is now set to music. Arlington author Elizabeth Searle has co-written "Nancy and Tonya: The Opera," which is scheduled to be performed this spring at Tufts University.

Kerrigan was whacked by an associate of rival Tonya Harding during the Olympic trials prior to the 1994 Winter Olympics. Searle told the Boston Herald that people are still fascinated by the incident. The opera opens with Kerrigan and Harding giving dueling press conferences at the Olympics. And the aria is built around Kerrigan's famous cry of "Why? Why? Why?" after she was hit.

An aria.

In the dulcet tones of Nancy Kerrigan's shocked, horrified and weeping voice.

Yes. Well. Quite.

I suppose you could put it on as an operatic two-fer with "Jerry Springer: The Opera". It would certainly make for an evening out.

I wonder how far the opera goes. After all, Kerrigan and Harding have had what might politely be called wildly divergent careers since the infamous incident; the difference alone would be the stuff of tragedy, in some ways. In many ways, they're both effectively out of skating, Kerrigan by her own choice, and Harding because nobody would touch her.

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