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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


-- television -- but he's ... THE LIBRARIAN!

Noah Wyle is...THE LIBRARIAN THE LIBRARIAN is coming to TNT.

ER star Noah Wyle will play the overly smart curator of an ususual library where magical items are stored. After one of the library's items is taken and not returned, the librarian seeks the assistance of a young female martial artist to help him recover the overdue artifact. Wyle will film the TV movie before beginning his eleventh season on ER this fall. [...] If THE LIBRARIAN pulls in ratings the plan is to make one of these a year for TNT, with Wyle continuing the character's adventures.

TNT Pages Wyle for 'Librarian'
(, Thursday, May 27 08:18 AM)

Meet Noah Wyle, action star.

The long-serving "ER" doc has taken the lead role in TNT's movie "The Librarian," an action-adventure flick scheduled for late this year. Dean Devlin ("Independence Day," "Godzilla") is executive producing.

While a title like "The Librarian" doesn't exactly set hearts racing, the premise for the movie is intriguing. Wyle's character, Flynn, serves as the librarian for a repository of mythical objects from throughout human history, ranging from the Golden Fleece to the Ark of the Covenant.

Any resemblance to aspects of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, no doubt, entirely unintentional. Entirely. Really. It is. Honestly.

Somehow, I just think the title of this movie is going to be changed. I'm not sure to what -- "Adventure Librarian!" although it would convey more or less the right spirit, wouldn't work either. Unfortunately, the word "librarian" doesn't conjure up madcap adventures, heroic deeds, or the buckling of the swash, now does it?

I am, of course, going to have to watch this when it appears out of professional solidarity. I wonder if Nielsen rates by profession. ("Nonlibrarian viewers 18-49, a 5 share; Librarians 18-49, a 100 share! Every single member of the group was watching! Woo-hoo!")

Of course, it will give some poor, impressionable youths entirely wrong ideas of our profession. They will be fated to be disappointed that librarians are only infrequently called upon to retrieve lost items in quite that particular way. And the New York Public Library may have to deal with people skulking in the corners, trying to find that particular corner of their special collections department where the ark of the covenant is hidden.

I would also be willing to bet that quite a few of the articles about this show have been written by people of a certain age, people in their mid-to-late 30s or maybe a bit older. The way the articles are written invokes a certain Bloom County strip about Binkley's anxiety closet. Unfortunately, the strip itself isn't available online, so this description will have to do.

Library Cartoons: An annotated bibliography
Bloom County: Binkley's anxiety closet

Binkley is in bed, but not asleep. The snorklewacker is bouncing on his bed in a veritable tizzy of anxiety-producing euphoria.

"Wake up, Binkley! Wake up! Wake up!!"

Binkley sits up, clutching the blankets to his chin, as the snorklewacker continues, "Oh, we have wonderful anxiety of yours tonight, Binkley! Hoo boy, it's really the pits!!"

The snorklewacker waves something in front of Binkley's bleary eyes, explaining, "Look! Look what I found in the back of the closet, Binkley! A Dr. Seuss book! "Green Eggs and Ham!"... Remember it? Now, wait while I go fetch Mrs. McGreevy!"

Binkley sits, holding the book, and tries to remember... 'Mrs. McGreevy? Why, she's the... the...'

THWONK!! A battle-axe embeds itself in the wall above Binkley's head.

"...librarian!!" Binkley finishes the thought and screams the word as a little old lady, carrying a bloodstained axe, smiles at him and says, "119 weeks overdue, dear..."

Really, can't you just imagine Noah Wyle and his battleax, striding manfully through the halls of New York Public, dripping blood....

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