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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


-- television -- he's victoria's secret? - Latest Victoria's Secret model: Bob Dylan - Apr 6, 2004

I think it is safe to say that many people could now be pondering the ageless question: What in heavens name was Bob Dylan THINKING?

More importantly, what was the ad company for Victoria's Secret thinking? On the one hand, yes, lots of buzz all over the place for getting Bob Dylan to do his first commercial endorsement ever. LOTS of buzz. (Granted, mostly along the lines of, "What the HELL?" But still, buzz is all.) On the other hand ... well.

Say you're, like, a heterosexual-type kind of guy. (And let us be quite clear: Victoria's Secret television ads and catalog are aimed at your basic heterosexual-type guy. Any benefit received by women of any sexual persuasions whatsoever is purely incidental. Although I do understand from a couple women that some Victoria's Secret undergarments are actually quite comfortable. But I digress.) Victoria's Secret ads catch your eye because, hey! the eye candy! Scantily clad supermodels! Woo-hoo! And this commercial at first would seem to be right along those lines ... and then you see Bob Dylan's mug.

That might just kind of throw you a bit, mightn't it?

Plus, there's only the one supermodel! What kind of Victoria's Secret ad is that? Multitudes of supermodels, that's what it's supposed to be! And, given that it's only a 30 second ad, there's really rather a surprising amount of Bob Dylan and a surprising lack of scantily-clad supermodel.

This really is one of those ads that makes you scratch your head and wonder exactly who it's selling to and what it's supposed to be selling.

The Ad is for the moment online at AdAge's news page. It's actually an amazingly quiet and somewhat tasteful ad, given Victoria's Secret's propensity for pretty much just sticking the boobies in the camera and yelling, "Buy our undies, and your woman can have boobies like these!" (... OK, their normal ads are not quite that bad, but that's more or less the feel they're aiming for.)

Just remember: it's supposed to be all about the pretty pretty girls, the boobies, and the undies (in just about that order). It's not supposed to be about the slightly creepy looking dirty old man in the overcoat, wandering through looking possessively at the pretty pretty girl showing her boobies in the pretty pretty undies. THAT is just plain wrong.

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