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Thursday, April 01, 2004

things comickal

-- things comickal -- switchblade honey (a quick take review)

If you're in the mood for some space opera, you could do much worse than reading Warren Ellis' Switchblade Honey graphical novel (also known as a longer form comic book). Switchblade Honey isn't typical Warren Ellis -- there's relatively little railing against the government in general (and our government in particular) which you see in his other titles. It's his response to Star Trek Voyager, which he utterly hated--pretty predictable, that, although I'd love to know what he thought of the last seasons of Deep Space Nine. He also had issues with Roddenberry's "perfect people in space" concept, so he wanted to make it a little grittier. On the other hand, it's space opera, so it's very fluffy, especially for Ellis.

Really, it reads like the first episode or two of what would be a very cool BBC/ITV television show. (Not an American show; the lead characters are very British.)

For the most part, it's well drawn and illustrated and the black-and-white approach fits the story, somehow. It would be nice if the artwork on the last two pages were clearer; although you can tell, in the grandest sense, who wins, you have absolutely no idea how they win. Seriously, no clue here. It's a great book up to that point, but I really am not quite sure what happens just before the end.

(Purely a side note: I'm actually looking forward to seeing what the WB does with Ellis' Global Frequency, which is supposed to be a series next season. He loved the first script, and he said that although it was different, they came up with a twist that he wished he'd thought of, so that's a good sign. Given people's peculiar television viewing habits, and the way networks will schedule their strongest prospects against another network's strongest shows, Global Frequency will probably last all of two episodes. Oh, well.)

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