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Thursday, January 22, 2004

ex libris

-- ex libris -- what we learn from literature

über: what literature has taught me, by Tobias Seamon.

(Actually, I would add that the Kama Sutra proves that shampooing is a vastly underappreciated discipline. Although handled somewhat differently today. For one thing, shampooers and hairdressers are usually not eunuchs. For another, their chastisement usually concerns ... somewhat different things.)

You can actually find a copy of the Kama Sutra over at Bibliomania, along with other classic (and out of copyright) works of literature. If you read Chapter 9, you will understand just how underappreciated shampooers have historically been (and no, I am NOT linking, you can just do the search your own damn self; after all, one wouldn't want to encourage people to become eunuch shampooers, now would one?).

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