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Sunday, August 24, 2003

let's twist again...

Daily news ... New dating show on Fox to feature gay twist (Thursday August 21, 2003): The Fox network is preparing a new reality dating show with a twist reminiscent of Bravo's Boy Meets Boy, reports Variety. While Boy features a gay man looking for love and not knowing right away that some of the potential mates are straight, the new Fox show (set on a dude ranch) will feature a single woman choosing from a pool of single men, some of whom are gay. If the woman--who is aware that some in the dating pool are gay--chooses a straight guy, she wins the cash prize; if a gay man fools her, he wins it. The show, tentatively titled Who Will She Choose? has been in production for several months. No airdate has yet been scheduled.

OK, I am impressed. Who knew that it was possible to make this concept even marginally less tasteless?

I would assume that this is probably one of Fox's backup "throw it at the schedule when something fails" shows. After all, the base concept has been done. (And it's not doing spectacularly well on its own, or NBC would be yanking that show into their otherwise limp summer broadcast schedule as they have "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy". Not to say it's doing badly, for Bravo; it's just not doing as well.)

It is better in one aspect: she knows the situation going in. On the one hand, of course, they don't have that wonderfully dramatic, "What the hell do you mean I've been trying to date a bunch of gayboys?" moment. On the other, from the television network point of view, they've pretty much defanged the whole concept. Frankly, this comes across as a bizarre combination of Boy Meets Boy and For Love or Money: Can she tell who the gayboy is, and will they take the money and run? And if this admittedly very brief piece about the concept is accurate, everything rides on her gaydar. If she can't figure out which ones are gay, she gets nothing.

Actually, on further review, I'm not sure it is less tasteless. It's merely differently tasteless.

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