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Saturday, March 01, 2003

the billion dollar lady

Wow. I guess everybody really does love Oprah, don't they?

Zap2it | TV: NEWS: NEWS DAILY | Oprah Becomes Second Black Billionaire: A mere two years after Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, became the first African American billionaire, 49-year-old media mogul Oprah Winfrey has joined the ranks as well according to the Forbes magazine's annual list of the really wealthy. Of the 476 individuals whose net worth qualifies them for the list, a mere 37 are women. Winfrey ranks at No. 427 thanks to her estimated net worth of a cool $1 billion. Winfrey's talk show airs in 104 countries. She also owns her own production company, successfully launched her own magazine O and continues to be involved with the Oxygen network.

The fun part is, Fortune's rankings are basically only estimates. There are a lot of the holdings that are public record, but there are a lot that aren't. Fortune's rankings are most likely an understatement of actual worth, if not necessarily by a lot.

She's also considered the tenth most powerful black executive in the country, and also the tenth most powerful woman overall in the world of business.

Not bad for a black girl from Mississippi, is it?

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