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Monday, January 13, 2003

ptbs - Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

You know, I wondered what the URL for this show would be. Would have been nice if they'd just stuck the title out there in the URL for all to see, but I didn't really expect it. Ah, well.

What I'm really hoping is that it's a wonderful incredible show of its type (whatever that winds up being) and that it gets nominated for as many Emmys as possible. Just so we can watch that 5:00 AM Pacific time nomination ceremony, with some poor actors who are so tired they could just drop, saying, "And the nominees for Outstanding Comedy/Variety show (or whatever it is) are ... what? I can't say that! ... well, yes, but you can't say that on the air! ... Ahem. The nominees are: (whatever, whatever, whatever, and more whatever) and Penn and Teller Bullshit." Seriously, wouldn't that just be a moment? Wouldn't that wake up those few people who tune in, or who wind up watching it on Good Morning America or Today? (Of course, GMA/Today viewers would only see it live on the East Coast. Everyone else would hear, "... and Penn and Teller Bull[BEEP]."

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