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Friday, May 31, 2002

hijacked by tivo

BBC hijacks TiVo recorders

My, my. Who knew the Venerable Beeb would stoop to such underhanded tactics? For that matter, who knew that they could?

And, of course, the US networks have to place their own demented little twist on the experience. It really does figure that the first thing the US nets would force on the public are commercials, doesn't it? People use TiVo specifically to avoid commercials, among other things, so they force you to use "reserved" disk space to save commercials that you then can't get rid of. (Yes, I know you can't use it yourself, but disk space is disk space.) Interestingly, according to a New Scientist article, future plans for TiVo include allowing advertisers to download commercials to your recorder, and then forcing you to watch them -- without being able to fast forward -- before and after any program that you chose to record.

I don't know ... everyone I know with a TiVo loves it, but I'm beginning to think that the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. You can't really keep something without compromising your ability to record something else, it needs a telephone/network connection so that it can continually update itself, and now it can record things that you know you don't want because someone else wants to try to force you to see them.

Jeez, with a helpful device like that, I think I'll just stick to my VCR.

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