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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

anna nicole smith

Anna Nicole Smith to be E! reality: Anna Nicole Smith will be getting the "Osbournes" treatment with her own reality series, featuring her family and friends, set to debut on E! Networks this August.

Oh ... dear.

You know, I knew that the Osbournes would set off a raft of copycats. After all, it was not only consistently the highest rated cable show but frequently also the highest rated show on Wednesdays for all people 18-35 (which, considering as it's on cable MTV, is a truly spectacular feat). In TV terms, it had that "buzz", people were always talking about it (or talking about the media talking about it, which is just as good). And, of course, it made pots of money for MTV because it was suddenly incredibly desirable television real estate. (And MTV, of course, will be bringing the Osbournes back for a second season, at a much increased price; on a recent Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne did not deny that they were requesting approximately $20 million over two years (which means there will also be a third season if this one doesn't tank). And, of course, in order to make that sort of request, you need to know not only how well you're doing in ratings, but how well your station is doing in selling and charging for ad time on your show. So it's reasonably safe to say that the Osbournes were an unexpected cash cow for MTV this year, and therefore, ripoffs ... er, that is, sincerely flattering imitations are entirely to be expected, because whenever an original idea passes by, television has to clone it into the ground. MTV is reportedly even ripping itself off, with a Kid Rock-Pamela Anderson thing. (.... Nah. Too easy.)

But ... Anna Nicole Smith? Anywhere? Is the public that fascinated with the lives of celebrities? I mean, does anyone have the foggiest idea what's happening with her lately anyway? Does anyone actually care? Isn't she essentially one of those persons that's famous for being famous, only nobody quite knows why?

I suppose we'll all find out.

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August 6, 2002
Kathryn Mullen
GODDESS Magazine, Inc.
Executive Producer GODDESS TV
Body Mind Spirt Fashion Beauty Health (tm)

Subject: Press Release:
For immediate release: ANNA NICOLE: Big, Buxom and Politically Influential!!

After her TV debut there were comments from Boston to Seattle about Anna Nicole’s “cluelessness” and her “voracious appetite for sex, food and money”. Others quipped about how her speech sounds vacant and how she trips everytime she enters a room.
Kathryn Mullen Publisher of a free web ‘zine called
Belives there is more to Anna Nicole than meets the eye!

“Anna Nicole is herself a study in sex and femininity” states Ms. Mullen “Researchers have known for years about a genetic predisposition that occurs in some female embryos. It is called being “superfeminine”. This genetic “handicap”, if you will, is as simple as XX chromosomes verses XO.
Women with an average genetic make up have XX chromosomes; superfeminine women have XO chromosomes. Superfeminine women have poor or little spatial perception as well as little or no mathematical or analytical skills. They do have excellent creative and artistic skills.
That’s where you get blonde jokes… super feminine women have trouble parking cars, reading maps, examining details and nuances and are usually unaffected by or unaware of news events.

Generally superfeminine women have blonde hair- more genetic research shows that natural blondes have a higher level of fertility. When you have high levels of estrogen you natually have a fuller bust and a curvier body. Superfeminine women are great consumers, powerful spenders and usually very sexy or very beautiful because their expertise is in Art. And make up and fashion is the medium and they are their own canvas.”

As for her appeitie for sex, food and money- “if Anna Nicole were a man with the same appetites she’d be called King or Emperor or better yet-President!”

Truth be known- viewers aren't as attracted to her daily life-as they are interested in the "oddity " of a very sexy, large woman.
Anna Nicole flies headlong in to what fashion and the media deems appropriate.

“Anna Nicole is so different from what TV viewers are trained to find attractive. Yes, in part of the show she seems a little bit of a mess but how sexy could Ally McBeal be reclining fully clothed in an empty bathtub?” Finally Ms Mullen speaks of an epiphany she once had “… the way a country feels about it’s citizens is relfected in a woman’s body… waif= weak, powerless and politically ineffective.
Full Figure= strong, robust and politically effective. If you were trying to push an unbalanced agenda- which would YOU rather rule- a bunch of hungry people too weak to express themselves or a bunch of strong, healthy brained people with an opionin”.
She's big and blonde and buxom in a world where women and their healthy sexuality are feared!”

Studies have shown that over 63 American million women wear between a size 14 and 24. Add to that a Jr. Plus market of nearly 8 million teens and you have one of the most largest, most financially influential groups in the country.
Kathryn Mullen publisher of maintains that full figure women in this country can also be sexy and powerful. "Anna is a caricature of over the top sex and femininity- if you look at the sexiest women in American history- you're looking at plus sized women! Mae West was a size 18, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell were size 16- even Heidi Klume and Tyra Banks- the Victoria's Secret models- what makes them popular is they have some meat on them"!
"A full figured woman is simply: visually more interesting than a thin woman.
Large breasts in human females serve two functions- one to feed their young and sexual attraction. Desmond Morris author of "The Naked Ape" believes that ample bottoms were part of what enticed early man to procreate. A British University study revealed that full figure women have sex more regularly, were more understanding of others body issues and overall, liked their bodies more than their thinner sisters.
Add to that the fact that Full Figured women in the USA make more money, have more education, hold more executive positions and their entrepreneurial enterprises are usually more successful sooner than their thinner sisters!"
As far as the disparaging comments about Anna Nicoles size?
"I'd bet that there are few men that- given the opportunity- would pass up spending the night with her!"

For more information about Kathryn Mullen or

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kathryn Mullen

Posted by Kathryn Mullen at August 6, 2002 09:37 PM

Dear Anna,

I think because of you people all around the world are starting to fall back in Love with full figures girls again. It took alot of guts to put yourself in the public view for every thing said either good or bad about you. I know it hasn't been too easy on you, but just keep in mind that you are on a mission, to say to women every where (and men) hey full figure women are back to stay. Shinny girls move over!
Love ya,
Pat Mayfield

Posted by PAT MAYFIELD at November 7, 2002 01:28 PM

anna ur hilarious ..i watch u every sundaynight and u look great and very pretty . i think daniel is really cute he reminds me of someone i know ..i was like wow ...keep up the good work and i wish u happinessand best of all good luck in everything u do..
crista carraway

Posted by crista carraway at March 7, 2003 06:09 PM

hey anna its me again ..just wanted to say love ya lots ..hope one day i can meet u in person :)

Posted by crista carraway at March 7, 2003 06:12 PM

Anna I am doing a report comparing you to Marilyn Monroe I could not find a list of your favorite things however to compare to . I did not want to have to use the same old things like body and looks.


Posted by Jennifer at October 9, 2003 03:49 PM

Anna I am doing a report comparing you to Marilyn Monroe I could not find a list of your favorite things however to compare to . I did not want to have to use the same old things like body and looks.


Posted by Jennifer at October 9, 2003 03:50 PM

Anna I am doing a report comparing you to Marilyn Monroe I could not find a list of your favorite things however to compare to . I did not want to have to use the same old things like body and looks.


Posted by Jennifer at October 9, 2003 03:50 PM

testing closure

Posted by iain at July 23, 2004 12:26 AM

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