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Thursday, March 07, 2002

only at fox

Fox raises bar for inanity

You just have to wonder what's happening inside Fox, don't you?

1. Celebrity Boxing with nominal (at best) celebrities. Tonya versus Amy or Paula or whoever the hell it is this week. Danny Partridge versus Greg Brady. Vanilla Ice versus Todd Bridges. (What? What? Who the hell came up with THAT one? Can you just imagine the brainstorming, the late nights, the truly appalling quantities of alcohol and possibly drugs that they used to come up with that?) OK. Whatever.

2. The Chamber. A game show with actual physical torture involved. OK. Whatever.

3. Fox News Deems Hollywood Pulse Legit News Site. Now, just read that article. Skim the entire Hollywood Pulse. You wonder what about the site would have misled Fox. Was it the article about Koppel becoming a movie actor? The one about Billy Joel's tux? What?

I'm guessing that the person who arranged this whole thing was on crack or something.

4. In the meanwhile, Fox has created what is, by any terms, a critically acclaimed drama series in "The Shield" for FX, based on the events at Los Angeles' Rampart district station. (In fact, it was originally called "Rampart" and was considerably more fact-based. I gather that the defendants' hot and juicy lawyers just ran a hot and juicy prospective lawsuit past Fox, who promptly and sensibly caved.) Granted, not news, but still something of quality.

I guess that's the point of being a network; they contain multitudes. (Most of whom have bad taste and no judgement.)

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