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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

awards campaining goes web

New Line Cinema 2001

Not only are companies running "For your consideration" ads on the web, but you typically get to them through links in the NY Times and LA Times. You wonder how effective this will be; it seems to indicate both an understanding of a division in the audience, and a lack of understanding about that audience. Advertising on the web seems to indicate that the companies understand that there may be a division in the Academy between older members, who may be more inclined to notice ads in traditional media, and younger members who may read more reviews and get more information from the web. Unfortunately, it demonstrates a lack of understanding of the web audience and their general hostility to ads in general. People may be willing to forgive ads if they're interesting -- and the Flash technique behind New Line's ads is serviceably nice -- but this is really a pretty simple ad.

It will be interesting to see how soon the net is littered with "for your consideration" ads for every award in sight.

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