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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

don't talk about mr happy!

THE makers of "Off Centre," the new WB sitcom, have been accused of exercising questioable taste before - but never in such hilarious detail. [...] "It is essential to reduce and/or modify the significant number of uses of ‘penis,' ‘testicles,' ‘foreskin' as well as euphemisms for the same, such as ‘your thingie,' " reads the unflinching memo. References including "covered wagon," "unit," "turtleneck," "little fella," "anteater," "diddy," "cloaking device" and "my pig is still snuggly, wrapped in his doughy blanket" were also ordered tossed out or toned down.

"Covered Wagon."

"My pig is still snuggly, wrapped in his doughy blanket." How do you tone that down? Where do you tone it down? If you didn't know the context, you wouldn't have the foggiest idea what it was all about. Where would it go? What euphemism could you possible use that would be even less specific than this?

And since when has the WB become THAT prudish?

You know, it's a pity that Off Centre is so wretchedly bad. It would be worth it just to see what on earth this episode could possibly be about. It would be even more interesting to watch the filming, just to see if the cast could get through any of this with a straight face.

I'll bet they'd let South Park do this on Comedy Central.

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