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Monday, March 04, 2002

moulin rouge?

Producers Guild Honors 'Moulin Rouge'

One wonders if this is any sort of indicator for the Oscars.

The guild movie winner has gone on to win the Academy Award for best-picture nine out of 12 times, including last year with "Gladiator.''

The list of PGA Golden Laurel Motion Picture Producer of the year award winners, kept at IMDB, is a fairly interesting list in that regard. (The Producers Guild site hasn't been updated in a while, and doesn't have its own archive of past winners available.) Of the three misses, two -- Saving Private Ryan and Apollo 13 -- were considered at least nominal favorites for Oscar at the time, and losses to Shakespeare in Love and Braveheart, respectively, were considered upsets. As for the third ... expecting The Crying Game to win an Oscar for Best Picture would have gotten the response, "Are you on CRACK or something?" That said, a win by Unforgiven was also mildly unexpected, since at the time, the general thinking was that Westerns no longer won Oscars.

In any event, the PGA has gotten the last five in a row right. Could they actually get a sixth? Could a musical actually win a best picture Oscar? The last to do so was 1968's Oliver!. Thirty-four years of history to get past. (Mind, there haven't actually been any traditional musicals around for a while.)

Eh. My money would still be on A Beautiful Mind.

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