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Friday, March 01, 2002

six feet under/blacks in entertainment

... the story involving Keith and his foul-mouthed little niece, who has been abandoned by her drug-addict mother, is measurably worse. Must every black character have at least one drug addict or gangbanger in the family? Is that really what comes to mind in Hollywood when people mention "diversity"?

I daresay that it is what they mean, yes. After all, let's look at the three blacks who were nominated for Oscars this year. We have a cop/thug who is effectively a gangbanger, a woman who is at least a marginal alcoholic and a boxer. Two out of three.

That said, unless you get into some fairly rarified educational and income levels ... I suspect that for blacks in America, it's not entirely unrealistic, either. Perhaps not all in the immediate family, no, but in the extended family, or close friends and their families ... I'd be surprised if a fair number of people weren't in that situation.

In other SFU news, it turns out that Peter Krause tried out for David.

Good heavens, what a big ball of wrong that would have been. Although it would have been fascinating to watch.

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