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Monday, February 18, 2002


-- stage -- jerry springer - the opera?

Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search: A grown man wearing only a nappy is waving a gun. An assortment of white trash and trailer-park lowlifes is weaving around the stage, and at the back, a chorus of Ku Klux Klansmen is merrily tap-dancing. As a bad-taste musical moment the closing number of Kombat Opera's show rivals the brilliant Springtime for Hitler extravaganza in Mel Brooks's The Producers.

Dear god in heaven .....

The horror, the horror ....

The daily show isn't enough? They need to have it sung at 90 decibels?

Mind, watching this show come to the states would almost be worth the price of admission. The people who normally attend opera wouldn't give this the time of day, but all sorts of others would come -- especially if they reduce the price of tickets every now and again as an attraction. (Well, the price of opera tickets is pretty obnoxious.)

Actually, I suspect they'd have to market it as a musical here, if they wanted to do some sort of big production. That's the only way to get an audience that would understand what to expect.

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