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Sunday, February 20, 2000

a media relations and religion moment

Jeez, Xena is really really pushing it these days, isn't it?

I mean, it's bad enough that the people at StudiosUSA lied to everyone; the last episode of Hercules is, in fact, at least one episode of Xena. (And he's got a haircut. In fact, both he and Kevin Smith--"Ares"--got haircuts. Kevin Sorbo's looks a tad weird, but Kevin Smith looks pretty good. But I digress.)

But I mean, they're drawing these parallels between Xena and the Virgin Mary, and her child and You Know Who, about as explicitly as they can. I mean, according to this week's episode ...


...according to this week's episode, Xena's child will destroy or bring about the downfall of the gods. Which, if you think about it, is pretty much what happened.

The whole Hercules/Zeus thing was about as desperately Freudian/Oedipal as it could possibly have been. (and I have to admit, I'm glad that they stuck the whole thing in "Xena" and not "Hercules"; it would have been a truly horrid end for the other series.)

Oh, and Ares admitted that he loves Xena.

Not exactly to Xena, of course, but nonetheless...

And the whole Solon plot was really heartwrenching.

To be sure, there would have been a touch more suspense involved if, during the promos for the next episode, they hadn't said, Blamed for the death of Zeus--"The Child Must Die!"--will Xena strike a deal with the god of War? I mean, knowing that Zeus is a goner about ten minutes into the show kind of drains away some of the tension, since, if Zeus is dead, then obviously Xena's child survives. It also tells you that despite all this downfall crap, Ares makes it through as well. (In fact, only two gods actually bite the big one.)

But back with this "mother of the new god" thing: It's going to be freakin' fascinating to see how much they can get away with. I mean, just when you think they can't push this one step further, they push again. And then they push in truly weird directions. The name of the child--and its gender, for that matter, although knowing that it's Callisto's reincarnation probably shouldn't make that such a surprise. It's just that the whole thing has been so determinedly messianic.

However, the celestial choir motif is just going to have to go.

a late addendum:

You know, after watching three episodes of "Cleopatra 2525", I've noticed a couple of interesting things about the way men are portrayed in that series.

First, men are either very powerful ... or they're expensive toys. Which, given that they're relatively rare in that time, makes perfectly good sense.

However ... that nipple thing ....

See, pretty much every male on the show has some sort of a bare midriff or a bare chest. The ones with the bare chest all have some sort of nipple decoration. It doesn't matter whether they're toys or toy owners, as it were. They all appear to have really rather egregiously pierced nipples. Or little Madonna imitations. (For that matter, the ones with the navel decorations usually have some sort of jewel or piercing.)

It's very distracting.

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