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go percy go!

Dog runs as write-in candidate against Katherine Harris

Well ... Snoopy and Mickey Mouse regularly run for president, so why the hell not? I do hope Percy wins, though. He'd immediately be removed for being unable to perform the dutites of his office, of course, but still ... then again, how difficult is it to put your pawprint on something to certify an election?

Percy and his volunteer campaign staff have been shaking paws and handing out flyers, with slogans including: "Never made a mess in the House! Never will!" and "PERCY! Putting the LICK back into Republican." His official campaign bio describes Percy as a compassionate conservative who takes a hard-line with social parasites, particularly fleas and worms. His past is free of sex scandals, due to "timely neutering."

Just imagine how very different our recent history would have been with a little "timely neutering."

Posted by iain at July 02, 2002 02:05 AM


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